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Ref's for colchicine alternatives

To all who are interested in references to
colchicine alternatives, here they are the
ones I have:

Wan et al (1991) TAG 81: 205-211

Wan et al (1995)  Plant Breeding

Verhoeven et al (1990) Planta 182:408-414

Morejohn et al (1987) Planta 172:252-264

Sree Ramulu et al (1991) Protoplasma

van Tuyl et al  (poster from the VIth
International Symposium on flowerbulbs
May12-15 1992; Skierniewice)  The use of
oryzalin as an alternative for colchicine in
in vitro chromosome doubling of Lilium and

I used oryzalin (Surflan) at 0.001% and
0.01% both with 2% DMSO and got much
mortality on the barley haploids and no
doubling!  I made up the solutions just by
diluting in water +2% DMSO (as I would use
for colchicine), but I've had a message from
Andre Comeau who says that the solubility
may be a problem; also that oryzalin seems
to adhere strongly to glassware .  I
certainly noticed that quite a residue
settles out of the 'solution' but the effect
on chromosome  contraction was still very

Richard Pickering
Crop & Food Research
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New Zealand

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