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Re: Tissue culture labs in India.

The following is a list of commercial tissue culture labs in India compiled
from various sources and contacts.  By 'commercial' I mean those that
explicitly undertake commercial activities such as contract propagation and
technology transfer.  There are many more labs in Universities, Research
Institutes etc. that are not listed here.  I should say that I have not
personally contacted all the labs and I think that some are probably no
longer extant.  Some may never have been more than a fond idea in someones
mind.  Perhaps the list should properly be headed 'labs and rumours of labs
in India'.  I am sure that the list is not definitive and that there are
more out there.  I should be very grateful if you would inform me if you
know of or come across any labs that are not included on the list.

The size of the labs varies from those with a potential output of less than
100,000 plants per year to one, non-automated lab, with a potential output
of 30 million plants per year.  The range of crops worked on is also very
wide although some labs are essentially one crop labs.  Banana is the major
crop produced for the domestic market but sugarcane is also seen as having
great potential.  A variety of spice crops is micropropagated and various
floriculture crops are also offered domestically with the rapid
developments in that sector.  The use of micropropagated forestry crops is
still largely experimental.  A range of mainly foliage ornamental crops is
exported worldwide.

You can do what you like with the list but I should appreciate your
acknowledging the source if you publish it anywhere.  I wish to acknowledge
Dr R Dore Swamy, Chief Executive, Whitefield Agrotech, Bangalore for
sharing with me his own list of companies.

1       A V Thomas Group Companies, Cochin
2       Aarooran Biotech, Coimbatore
3       Agrigene International, Shimla
4       Agriland Biotech Pvt Ltd, Vadodara
5       Arayana Micropropagation, New Delhi
6       Arya-Luxgene Plant Technology Ltd, Mumbai
7       Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad
8       Ag Bioteck Laboratories (India) Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
9       Beena Nursery (P) Ltd, Trivandrum
10      Bilt Tree Tech Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
11      Biotech Tissue Culture Ltd, Surat
12      Biotech Labs Pvt Ltd, Vishakapatnam
13      Biotissue Labs Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
14      Cadila Laboratories Ltd (Modi Group), Ahmedabad
15      Costford, location not known
16      Dabur Research Foundation, Ghaziabad
17      Dalmia Centre for Biotechnology, Coimbatore
18      Decor Plant Culture, Mumbai
19      DLP High Tech Research Centre, Nasik
20      DRS Bioflora Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
21      Duncans Biotech Ltd, Calcutta
22      East West Biotech Ltd, Mumbai
23      Elengical Biotech Centre, Ernakulam
24      Enzo-Chem Laboratories Pvt Ltd, location not known
25      EPC Irrigation Ltd, Nasik
26      Florida Plant Culture (I) Pvt Ltd, Pune
27      Flower & Tissue India Ltd, New Delhi
28      Frontier Biotech, location not known
29      Godavari Fertilisers, Hyderabad
30      Godrej Plant Biotech Ltd, R R District AP
31      Greenearth Biotechnologies Ltd, Bangalore Rural District
32      GrowMore Bio-Tech Pvt Ltd, Hosur
33      Gujarat State Fertilizers Co Ltd, Gujarat
34      Harihar Poly Fibres & Grasilene Division, Harihar
35      Harrisons Malayalam Ltd, Hosur
36      Hema Agro Impex Ltd, Hyderabad
37      Hindustan Agrigenetics Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
38      Hindustan Lever Ltd, location not known
39      Indagro Tissue Tech Ltd, Mumbai
40      Indo-American Hybrid Seeds, Bangalore
41      Indo-Dutch Biotech Ltd, New Delhi
42      Indo-French Biopharma Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
43      Indrayani Biotech Ltd, Pune
44      In Vitro International Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
45      ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd, Secunderabad
46      Jain Rahan Biotech Ltd (Jain Irrigation), Jalgaon
47      Jyothi Tissue Culture Pvt Ltd, Calcutta
48      Khoday Biotek - Palm Grove Nurseries, Bangalore
49      Kothari Biotech Limited, Chennai
50      Krishnendra Nursery, Bangalore
51      Kumar Gen Tech & Tissue Cultures Co, Pune
52      Lab Land Biotechs Pvt Ltd, Mysore
53      Lupin Laboratories Ltd, Mandideep
54      Madras Fertilizers ltd, Chennai
55      Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co Ltd, Mumbai
56      Manjushree Plantations Ltd, Bangalore
57      Mericlone Biotek Ltd, Hyderabad
58      Microplantae Ltd, Pune
59      Midas Plant Laboratories, Chennai
60      Nagarjuna Bio-Tech Farms, Hyderabad
61      Nath Biotechnologies Ltd, Auarangabad
62      Nat. Ag. & Sci. Res. Foundation (Eastern General Agencies), Calcutta
63      National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune
64      Nupur Biotech Pvt Ltd, Calcutta
65      Oasis Agritech Ltd, Vadodara
66      Parasrampuria Plantations Ltd, Nasik
67      Parry Agro (E I D Parry India Ltd), Bangalore
68      Phyto Biotech International, Guwahati
69      Phytoclone Laboratories, Guwahati
70      Plantgene Seeds (Cosmo Plantgene Ltd), Chandigarh
71      Pocha Seeds, Pune
72      Pro-Agro, location not known
73      Pudumjee Plant Laboratories Ltd, Pune
74      Rariflora Biotechs, Bangalore
75      Rallis India Ltd, Bangalore
76      Shaily Polymers Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
77      Sheel Biotech Ltd, New Delhi
78      Shobha Farm, Pune
79      Shri Ramco Biotech, Rajapalayam
80      SIV Industries Ltd, Coimbatore
81      SPBP Tea Industries Limited, New Delhi
82      SPIC (Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Ltd), Coimbatore
83      Spinner Plantations, location not known
84      Sterling Tissue Culture Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
85      Southern Tissue Culture Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
86      Sun Floricult Biotech Ltd, Hyderabad
87      Synthite Industrial Chemicals Ltd, Kolenchery
88      Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi
89      Tata Tea Ltd, Munnar P O
90      Thapar Corporate R & D Centre, location not known
91      Transgene Agritech Ltd, Bangalore
92      Tissue & Floritech India Ltd, New Delhi
93      TEAM (Titanium Equipment and Anode Manufacturing Co Ltd), Chennai
94      Vashishta Biotech Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
95      Western India Tissue-Tech Ltd,  Pune
96      Whitefield Agrotech Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
97      Zeolite (I) Pvt Ltd, Calcutta

If I can be of further assistance please let me know.

David Constantine
Constantine Consultancy & Agrotrading
2 High Street
Somerset TA7 9PL
tel:          + 44 1458 210607
fax:         + 44 1458 210650

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