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Re: Drosera cultures


We have germinated and grown D. rotundifolia in vitro, and those plants were
very small and very slow growing.  I would suggest moving your cultures to
fresh medium every month or so, even if the plant is still too small to
subdivide.  Once the plants are larger, they seem to grow a bit faster in

Valerie Pence

Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

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> From:         Garret Roesch
> Reply To:     Plant Tissue Culture
> Sent:         Thursday, August 21, 2003 11:00 AM
> Subject:      [PLANT-TC] Drosera cultures
> Hello,
> I have a quick, general question about growing carnivorous plants in vitro.
> I have several different species of Drosera in culture currently.  They all
> took about 2 or 3 weeks to show any signs of germination.  They have now
> been in culture and in the same medium for almost 2 months.  the biggest
> plants are about pea size or smaller.  Is this slow growth normal?  Would
> anyone suggest I place the small plants in fresh medium with the appropriate
> additives?  What is the general time frame for drosera as far as weeks till
> germination, weeks till they are pea size and weeks until they are large
> enough to be divided or transplanted?  This is my first batch of tissue
> cultured plants and I am just happy to have goten something to grow and have
> them overrun with contamination.  Thanks for your help, sorry for all the
> questions.
> Garret Roesch
> St. Louis MO

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