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Re: Basic micropropagation issues and problems

At 03:53 AM 15-01-06, you wrote:
Dear All TCers,

I have a couple of basic questions, i would appreciate
any guidance.

1. do i have to calibrate the pH meter every time i
use it to check the pH of my MS medium ?

It is always wise to do that.


2. does contamination occur on the medium if no
explant is replaced on?

It can happen.

Joseph Arditti

   because i replace explants after one or two days
then i culture, if there is any error during medium
pouring or using non-sterilized hormone stocks, does
it affect the medium and be obvious that there is a
contamination before culturing, if so how many days
till there is a contamination?

3. how can we characterize the contamination by
Fusarium ? either in the explant such as Narcissus or
after culturing the Narcissus explants ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.
Best regards

Hamad Abu Zahra
P.O.Box   2002   Um Alsummaq & Khalda
Postal Code 11821
Amman  -  Jordan
Tel :+962 6 582  78 88
Mob:+962 777 65 65 20

Dr. Joseph Arditti Professor Emeritus University of California, Irvine

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