Plant Tissue Culture Theses

Date Author Title
1990 Ahmad, Khurshid Tissue Culture Initiation and Plant Regeneration of Malting Barley Genotypes
1990 Kubisiak, Thomas Lester Transformation of Populus Tremuloides by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens
1990 Louis, Kathryn Ann Role of ethylene in the control of adventitious bud initiation in excised shoot tips of juvenile Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P. (black spruce)
1990 Parker, William Selection and characterization of sethoxydim- and haloxyfop-tolerant corn (Zea mays)
1990 Sain, Stephen Louis Bidirectional selection for phosphorus efficiency in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) using hydroponic whole plant and callus tissue culture screening techniques
1990 Zimmermann, Elizabeth Strout Somaclonal Variation in Vitis: Susceptibility to Powdery Mildew, 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid, and Cold
1989 Bregitzer, Paul Phillip Development and Characterization of Friable, Embryogenic Oat Callus and Cellular Microinjection of DNA
1989 Dahleen, Lynn Sue Somaclonal Variation in Oat (Avena Sativa L.) Lines Derived from Tissue Culture
1989 Delzer, Brent Plant regeneration from tissue cultures and Agrobacterium mediated transformation of Minnesota adapted soybean germplasm
1989 Hong, Yeong-Ching  Evaluation of a Plant Tissue Culture System for Production of Strawberry Flavors and Colors
1989 Peschke, Virginia  Tissue culture-induced variability in maize: genetic and molecular analysis of tissue culture-derived transposable elements
1989 Fares, Felix Adib Effects of Temperature, Photoperiod, Light Quality and Plant Growth Substances on Size of Potato Tubers in Vitro
1989 Baker, Charleen Mary Factors Affecting in Vitro Meristematic Development of Tulip (Tulipa Gesneriana L.)
1987 El-Fiky, Fathy Kandeel Tissue Culture Studies of Ammi Visnaga (L.) Lam
1988 Serres, Rodney Arthur Factors Affecting in Vitro Rooting of American Chestnut
1987 Block, Lawrence The isolation of chromosomes from liquid cell suspension cultures of maize
1987 Bergmann, Ben Andrew Investigations Toward the Development of an in Vitro Propagation System for Aesculus X Arnoldiana 'Autumn Splendor'
1986 Ko, Chi-June The effect of temperature on in vitro bulblet formation on Hyacinthus orientalis L
1986 Best, Laura Anne-Meyer In Vitro Adventitious Plant Regeneration of Euonymus Europaeus from Embryonic Tissues
1986 Armstrong, Charles Genetic and cytogenetic stability of maize tissue cultures: a comparative study of organogenic and embryogenic cultures
1986 Bullock, William Paul A Test for Interspecific Recombination Via Tissue-culture-induced Aberrations in Oats (Avena Sativa L.)
1986 Dotson, Stanton Sodium azide as a maize tissue culture mutagen
1986 Peschke, Virginia Marie Discovery of AC Activity Among Progeny of Regenerated Maize Plants
1986 Hartley, Carol Astrid In Vitro Propagation and Field Performance of Minnesota Half-high Hybrid Blueberries
1985 Fellman, Cynthia Diane Comparative Studies on the Propagation of Hybrid Deciduous Azaleas
1985 Hartin, Ralph Jack Aseptic Germination of Cypripedium Reginae
1985 Johnson, Scott Analysis of tissue culture induced chromosomal breakage in oats (Avena sativa L.): role of heterochromatin
1985 Ludwig, Steven Ray The Development of a Maize Gene Transfer System
1985 Rhodes, Carol Ann Aneuploid Tissue Cultures of Maize: Initiation, Plant Regeneration, and Cytogenetic Stability
1985 Tuberosa, Roberto  Methotrexate Resistance in Corn (Zea Mays L.) Tissue Cultures: Attempts to Detect Gene Amplification
1984 Armstrong, Charles Lester Genetic and Environmental Factors Affecting the Initiation of Friable Maize Callus Capable of Somatic Embryogenesis
1984 Benzion, Gary Genetic and Cytogenetic Analysis of Maize Tissue Cultures: A Cell Line Pedigree Analysis
1984 Diedrick, Theodore Amino acid and field evaluations of two amino acid overproducing mutants in corn (Zea mays L.)
1984 Hartloff, Holly Altered expression of male fertility and disease resistance in maize plants regenerated from tissue cultures
1984 Galatowitsch, Mark William In Vitro Propagation of Erythronium Albidum Nutt. and Erythronium Propullans Gray
1984 Grout, Jeanne Margaret Influence of Propagation Method on the Growth Habit and Propagability of 'Northblue' Half-high Blueberry
1984 Lee, Michael  Cytogenetic Analysis and Progeny Evaluation of Miaze (Zea Mays L.) Plants Regenerated from Organogenic Callus Cultures
1984 Louis, Kathryn Factors influencing the micropropagation of Alnus species
1984 Sandahl, Gary Allen Growth and Dormancy in Cypripedium Reginae Walt. Seedlings
1984 Zimmermann, Elizabeth Strout Micropropagation of Typha spp.
1983 Diedrick, Theodore James Characterization of Ltr*19: A Threonine Overproducing Mutant in Maize
1983 Haghighi, Kobra Propagation of Minnesota Blueberries Through Tissue Culture
1983 Pauly, Michael Hale Evaluation of a Selection System for Pseudomonas Syringae Pv. Syringae Pathotoxin Resistance in Wheat Tissue Culture
1983 Thompson, Mark William Leaf Tissue and Protoplast Culture of Euphorbia Fulgens Karw., E. Heterophylla L. and E. Pulcherrima Willd
1983 Pagano, Sharan Production of secondary compounds by guayule (Parthenium argentatum) caullus-supension and liquid shoot tissue cultures
1982 Smith, Jane Growth of isolated Zea mays cells supported by feeder layer suspensions
1982 Economou, Athanasios Sotirios Chemical and Physical Factors Influencing in Vitro Propagation of Hardy Deciduous Azaleas (Rhododendron Spp.)
1981 Economou, Athanasios Sotirios Improving the Efficiency of Petunia Hybrida Propagation in Vitro
1981 Hanson, Julie Marie A Comparison of in Vitro Culture and Whole Plant Performance of Four Petunia Hybrida Cultivars and Their Inbred Parents
1981 Rhodes, Carol  An in vitro detection system for monoploid maize tissue cultures
1980 McCoy, Thomas Cytogenetic stability of tissue cultures and regenerated plants of oats (Avena sativa L.) and corn (Zea mays L.)
1980 Preece, John The influence of apical dominance in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. in stock plants on in vitro growth and differentation of leaf explants
1980 Tarr, Ann Effect of corn lectins on the growth and development of tissue cultures initiated from corn embryos
1980 Umbeck, Paul Frederick Evaluation and Selection for Inhibitor Resistance in Maize (Zea Mays L.) Tissue Culture
1979 Hibberd, Kenneth Selection and characterization of amino acid overproducer mutants in maize tissue culture
1979 Suriyajantratong, Ponpimon The influence of Petunia hybrida stock plants on growth and differentiation of explants in vitro
1979 Stimart, Dennis  In vitro and post-in vitro environmental effects on lilium bulb physiology
1978 Gavinlertvatana, Paiboolya Production and manipulation of ethylene in tissue culture
1976 Murphy, Tim Selection of lysine regulatory mutants in maize (Zea mays L.):  intergeneric DNA transfer via tissue cultures
1974 Wu, Wu Lung  Multi-liter production and immunochemical cross-reactivity of plant tissue culture antigens
1972 Lee, Quihee Studies on the mode of action of 3-amino-2,5-dichloro benzoic acid on tobacco callus tissue in vitro
1967 Feng, Kuo Effects of N-1-naphthylphthalamic acid on and bud formation of tobacco callua in vitro
1962 Abrahamsen, Mary Plant tissue culture studies with hosts of obligately parasitic fungi